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Don't Kiss the Messenger

[ charas :: Rio . Koryu ]
[ origin :: Borderline ]

She was going to kill Tatsu. Right after she kissed him.
“Hey Rio, go give Koryu this.”
...naw, she’d just kill him.
Clutching the bundle of what were presumably new clothes, Rio hid behind a bush and a large rock and watched the aforementioned half-breed as he bathed in the spring. She felt her cheeks grow hot as the youth came out from behind the waterfall, shaking the water out of his eyes. He raised an arm to push his long hair back, the skin stretching over his ribs. White lines showed scars.
The worst were on his back. Around where his wings came out. Thin skin stretched over more hard bone. He was too skinny, birdlike.
Rio frowned. What kind of torture had caused those scars? She looked away. What the hell was she thinking? Too much, as her brothers liked to say. She couldn’t afford to care about a half-breed...
She closed her eyes. Thinking like that was stupid, considering how misfits seemed to be gravitating towards their group lately. She signed and stood silently. She’d just throw the clothes near the pool and walk away. He never had to know she had been here.
Rio turned and came face to face with Koryu. She backed into a tree in surprise, hissing. Koryu raised an eyebrow, smiling. Rio looked down and her face went completely red.
Her embarrassment didn’t ease as the naked Koryu drew closer.
“I’ll have to thank Tatsu later.” Oh, damn that pervert. “Didn’t think he would make you the delivery girl, though.”
Rio averted her eyes and pushed the clothes onto his chest, pushed him away. “Consider them delivered.”
Koryu took the bundle, smiling, and raised her face to his. Rio frowned. Damn, he was tall. “What?” He kissed her lightly, tongue flicking out to taste her lips. She actually squeaked. “What the hell?”
“Consider that your tip. Thanks.” And he turned and walked away.


(A/N: drabble inspired by writing_game. Progress here.)
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