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Welcome to the Chaos Empire
~the DarkAngel greets you~
April 30th, 2008 
Subject: ATTN: OD08
To: All residents of DAM
From: Kiki

So, I've decided to hold a tournament across the house, in the style of the knock-out tournaments on devART.

Aren't you excited??

Many signed up, but only 32 made it into the final count (to keep it neat and even). To those who didn't make the cut, there will be another one of these at some point (so stop whining).

For some of you who did not make the final cut, you've been relegated to acting as a referee, healer and/or security. This is mandatory (so stop whining).


OVERDRIVE contestants.Collapse )

Biography of each fight/team will be posted below as completed.
A complete table of matches will be up soon.




And now on to the official legal stuffu (subject to change as I see fit).

RULES.Collapse )
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